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We sincerely appreciate your interest for the Bacta-Pur® products. The success of Bacta-Pur® system relays on outstanding knowledge of different fields of application, and decades of field experiences from applications around the world.

Would you like to be part of the Bacta-Pur® Team and become Bacta-Pur® Distributor? Simply complete and return  the Distributor Application Form. We will rapidly contact you.  All information disclosed in the application form will be held strictly confidential.

What we expect from you…
Distributor requirements:
  • Solid and strong sale framework with a capacity to support efficiently promotional campaign, marketing and sales strategies for successful distribution of Bacta-Pur® products in your sales territory
  • Motivates skilled sales persons with a drive (willingness) to acquire the knowledge of the family of Bacta-Pur® products as well as the processes in different field applications that will lead to successful applications
  • Financial strength, having ability to invest in adequate inventory, as well as in promotional and advertising campaigns
  • Positive business reputation
  • Willingness to share information and experience – any information acquired on different projects that is shared with us will allow us to provide better support
What you can expect from us…
IET-Aquaresearch will provide:
  • Product line produced / manufactured in our own facilities under strict QA/ QC standards & that has already built reputation in many parts of the world
  • Continuous support of your marketing and sales campaigns, by providing brochures, documents, product pictures, reports, testimonials from respected clients, etc.
  • Training of employees - as part of our company policy, we strive to offer regularly training seminars to authorized Bacta‑Pur® distributors, ensuring that they have the information necessary for the development of a successful and profitable business.
  • Continuous technical support based on more than twenty-five years of experience.

Let's build together a strong Bacta-Pur® family!


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