How to Select an Environmental Bioaugmentation Product

How to Select an Environmental Bioaugmentation Product

Well  designed  bioaugmentation  products  are  powerful  tools  in  environmental  management,  but  there are vast differences in quality between suppliers.  Here are some simple steps to be sure that  you will be getting what you need and not something ineffective or even dangerous.

  1. Ask questions of the supplier to see if they understand your field of activity.  There are no  miracle products; water quality management is a complex issue.
  2. Demand documentation on the quality control and assurance program to see what guarantees  are  made  with  respect  to  concentration,  performance  and that  pathogens  (disease  causing  organisms) are not specifically mass produced as part of their process.  Stating that products  contain only “natural” organisms is not a guarantee of safety.  Pseudomonas aeruginosa, P.  putida and Bacillus  cereus among  others  are  natural  but  are  major  causes  of  secondary  infections to man and animals.  Ask your family doctor about these dangerous microbes, which  some suppliers use.
  3. Ask to visit the production facility, even if you cannot go.  If the producer invites you, that is a  good sign; they are probably proud of their system.
  4. Ask about the background of the company and for reports — what is their experience and how  many years have they been in the field?  The performance of a product cannot be optimized  without extensive knowledge of the field into which it will be applied.
  5. Inquire if theoretical and practical training programs are offered for distributors and key users. If they do, in what fields do they offer training?

You are intelligent; if you are satisfied with the answers to the above questions and are looking for  cost-effective solutions to specific problems go ahead; welcome to the biological era.

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