Microbial aquaculture is the culture of naturally occurring and beneficial microorganisms such as the Bacta-Pur® communities. Aquaculturists provide water, food and specific physico-chemical conditions to grow aquatic organisms even single celled microscopic algae; we do the same thing for other microorganisms, such as bacteria. Any life form provided with an environment meeting their growth and reproductive requirements will flourish. Bacta-Pur® cultures are not altered, genetically modified (GMOs) nor deliberately mutated. They simply grow as a community that includes various populations of beneficial microorganisms capable of biodegrading a wide range of pollutants. Bacta-Pur® production is microbial aquaculture.

The microbial aquaculture to grow the Bacta-Pur® cultures is not biotechnology. Many countries and international organizations have defined biotechnology as relating to genetic engineering or genetically modified organisms (GMOs) and or altering natural life forms:

Historically, in the 80's, biotechnology was common language for any new approach with any life forms; commercially growing communities of naturally occurring microorganisms was part of microbial ecology, which may have been considered a new approach. However, by the end of the 90's, the definition became clear that only genetically altered or engineered organisms, which obviously does not apply to Bacta- Pur® cultures, were part of the biotechnology industry.
Beneficial microbes have been used for millennia to make such common products as bread, cheese, yogurt, kefir, wine, beer, soy sauce etc. The development of the microscope in the 17th century by Antony Van Leeuwenhoek literally opened eyes to the microscopic world and facilitated culture of microorganisms. The 20th century saw the development of the microbial ecology (relationship between bacterial populations), which taught us the links between bacterial populations and the importance of maintaining the biodiversity associated with a durable development. It becomes natural to culture those beneficial microorganisms with the total respect they deserve. Welcome to the era of microbial aquaculture and applied microbial ecology with Bacta-Pur®!
Microbial Aquaculture since 1984
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are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS®, the “probiotic yogurt” FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecoimmunity™ and increase biodiversity.