ECOPROBIOTICS®, the beneficial communities of natural bacteria, which improve ecosystem health & ecoimmunity, increase biodiversity and reduce costs of environmental protection & restoration.
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Welcome to IET-Aquaresearch / Bacta-Pur® System
Bacta-Pur®, BACTIVATOR®Ⓓ & ECOPROBIOTICS® are trademarks of Aquaresearch Canada Ltd used under license.
Welcome to IET-Aquaresearch / Bacta-Pur® System

Since 1984, IET-Aquaresearch Ltd provides the Bacta-Pur® System, a cost-effective, purely biological solution for water quality improvement.

The Bacta-Pur® System is based upon the use of ECOPROBIOTICS® (beneficial natural bacteria communities), ECOPREBIOTICS™ (growth enhancers), the BACTIVATOR® family of on-site incubators and the knowledge and experience of how to optimize the use of these ecological tools / systems in environmental restoration & protection.

The Bacta-Pur® System is used, on five continents from the Arctic to the equator. Fields of application include:

  • wastewater treatment (domestic, municipal, industrial, commercial, agricultural) - cost reduction and optimization of nitrification and biodegradation of BOD, grease, sludge, hydrocarbons, pharmaceuticals, while protecting infrastructure and reducing causes of global warming

  • water body restoration and water quality improvement - reversal of eutrophication from lakes and bays to farm, golf and garden ponds and aquaria

  • fresh and salt water aquaculture - increasing survival, growth, feed conversion efficiency and sustainability, from ponds and raceways to sea food holding systems.

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Bacta-Pur® products for koi and decorative ponds
Purely biological, safe and beneficial

The regular use of ECOPROBIOTICS®, Bacta-Pur® KLEAR and Bacta-Pur® Sludgebusters, assure the presence of a balanced communities of natural bacteria to optimize the water quality and provide a healthy environment for fishes. They are transforming biologically organic wastes into healthful natural food for fishes, zooplankton, other invertebrates and amphibians. The Bacta-Pur® KLEAR  helps to maintain water clarity and eliminate toxic ammonia and nitrite. It reduces soluble phosphorous levels , principal cause of  proliferation of aquatic weeds and algae.

The Bacta-Pur® Sludgebusters biodegrades organic waste (sludge, fish excess food, fish waste, dead plant material etc.), to  reduces the occurrence of oxygen deficient sludge areas and causes of noxious odors (methane, hydrogen sulfide etc.). Bacta-Pur® NUTRIPAK is an ECOPREBIOTIC™ that assures the presence of adequate trace elements for the beneficial communities of ECOPROBIOTICS® .

Microbial Aquaculture since 1984
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are communities of beneficial natural bacteria, which have been selected for their synergistic ability to biodegrade pollutants and to improve water quality. Just as people take probiotic yogurt to assure the presence of the optimal community for digestion and immunity, ECOPROBIOTICS®, the “probiotic yogurt” FOR Mother Nature, improve ecosystem health, ecoimmunity™ and increase biodiversity.